Jimmy Clausen hits Kamar Aikens for 48-yard Hail Mary touchdown (VIDEO)


Prayers answered.

With time winding down, why not heave up a pass and that’s exactly what the Baltimore Ravens and Jimmy Clausen did. And guess what? IT WORKED!

Kamar Aikens was on the end of the pass that went 48 yards and gave the Ravens their second touchdown of the game vs. the surging Kansas City Chiefs.

Eagles’ Sanchez throws TD on first opening drive as starter (video)

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Welcome back, Mark Sanchez!

Taking over for the injured Sam Bradford, Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez throws the slant pass to Josh Huff who took it from there. The Eagles’ wide receiver catches the pass on the 30-yard line and stays on his feet long enough to shake off the Buccaneers defenders and cross the goal line for a 39-yard touchdown, Philadelphia’s first of the game.

Is it too early to say Sam Bradford, who?

Sammy Watkins hauls in deep TD against the Dolphins (VIDEO)

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Sammy Watkins is BACK.

On 3rd-and-14 late in the third quarter, Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor threw a DEEP pass to the back right corner of the end zone. Watkins laid out with a full extension to haul in the touchdown pass.

Yep, looks like that ankle is just fine.