Tennessee Titans

Chandler Jones strips Marcus Mariota, fakes out the cameraman, scores touchdown (VIDEO)

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Who knew so much could happen in one play?

New England Patriots’ Chandler Jones applies the pressure to Tennessee Titans’ Marcus Mariota and gets the strip, but apparently no one told the camerman who pans the length of the field looking for the ball in flight.

While the viewers at home couldn’t watch live, fans in the stadium got to see Jones’ strip, pick up and tumble toward the endzone.

Tennessee Titans forget to cover Brandon Marshall (VIDEO)

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If there’s one thing we know about New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall, it’s that you should at the very least always throw a body on his to cover him.

That memo was apparently in one ear and out the other for the Tennessee Titans, who left the Pro Bowl receiver wide open, well, aside from 305-pound defensive end Jurrell Casey.

Good try, good effort.