NFL Week 12

OBJ’s leaping TD keeps Giants’ hopes alive (video)


It may be hard for Odell Beckham Jr. to recreate “The Catch,” but he can provide fans with a “Part II.”

Losing 20-7 in the fourth quarter to Washington and fighting for the right for the NFC East’s top spot, Beckham Jr. keeps the Giants in the game with an awe-inspiring, one-handed, diving catch into the end zone to get Big Blue within a single score.

It’s impressive and there’s only one player in the league who can pull off such a play and his name is Odell Beckham Jr.



Gurley, Austin combine for 60-yard gain (video)


The Rams are getting creative.

Facing a 10-point deficit to the Bengals in the second quarter the Rams line up in the Wildcat formation with running back Todd Gurley in at the quarterback position. The ball gets snapped and Gurley immediately hands it off to Tavon Austin who goes barreling up the field for a 60-yard gain.

Five yards later the Rams are on the board.

Hopkins beats Revis, makes stretching, one-handed grab (video)

Getty Images

DeAndre Hopkins does it again.

Houston’s Hopkins had a one-handed TD catch on Monday against Cincinnati to win the game and he’s proving that it’s not luck, but skill. T.J. Yates shows confidence in his wide receiver by targeting him despite pressure from the Jets’ corner Darrelle Revis and Hopkins rewards him with an outstretched, one-handed grab for 18-yards and a first down.

What a catch.