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WATCH: Cousins takes knee by accident, gives Eagles belated Christmas present

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With only six seconds left before the end of the first half and no timeouts at the Eagles’ 6-yard line, the Redskins were poised to add to their 16-10 lead.

Except they didn’t.

For some reason, Kirk Cousins took a knee rather than running a play of spiking the ball. Taking a knee was pretty much the ONLY thing he couldn’t do.

He had a complete brain freeze on national television during the biggest game of the season.

The Redskins are a win away from claiming the NFC East crown. We’ll see if those points left on the field come back to haunt them.

DeSean Jackson catches 63-Yard pass, waltzes backwards into end zone (video)

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It may have been just Washington Redskins’ DeSean Jackson‘s second touchdown of the year, but what a touchdown it was.

Early in the second quarter of their game with the New York Giants, QB Kirk Cousins rolled to his right and heaved a deep pass that sailed right over the heads of the torched Giants secondary and into the arms of a streaking Jackson.

Jackson then quickly turned around and waltzed backwards into the end zone, as if to say, “That’s all you got?”