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Multiple Super Bowl 50 statues vandalized in San Francisco

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Even though Super Bowl 50 is 44 miles away from San Francisco, the residents of ‘The Golden Gate City’ are not pleased that the biggest sporting event of the year is taking place in their neck of the woods and they’re taking out their anger on a specific set of statues.

The NFL placed 10 Super Bowl 50 sculptures around the city and it didn’t take long for vandals to get their hands on them.

So why is there so much hate for the Super Bowl in the Bay Area?

A report in mid-January from the San Francisco city controller’s office revealed that the people of San Fran are currently on the hook for over $5 million of the bill that comes with hosting the event.

Also, multiple streets in the center portion of the city will be shut down for two weeks, which is poor timing considering the amount of people who will be flocking to the city for the game on Sunday.

Hosting a Super Bowl isn’t an easy task for any city and the people of San Francisco are making sure the NFL knows they’re upset.