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Tony Dungy isn’t ready to crown the Pats best team in NFL…yet


Tony Dungy joins the Dan Patrick Show to talk about the Patriots 36-7 romp of the Dolphins at home. Dungy thinks, like a lot of other teams around the league, the Dolphins “weren’t quite ready” to play their best when they faced the Pats.

Dungy and Patrick review Brady’s progress over the course of his career and Dungy insists that the QB’s overwhelming dominance has come from his ability to master his personnel and who can do what around him.

Dungy gives advice to a defensive coordinator facing the Patriots: expect the ball to come out quick and tackle well in the secondary. And if you can’t get pressure on Brady? Well, you’re not going to win the game.

But is New England the best team in the league? Dungy thinks there’s still a ways to go before he can make that judgment.

Gary Barnidge stuns again with another incredible grab (VIDEO)

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It seems like all Gary Barnidge does is make highlight-reel catches.

This time he practically leaped out of his cleats. The 6-foot-6 tight end stretched himself to his full frame to pull down the ball for a 33-yard pickup and a first down for the Browns.

Looks like the magic continues between Josh McCown and his favorite target “Big Play” Barnidge.