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Ray Rice on life after incident, waiting for second chance in the NFL (VIDEO)

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Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice sat down with Dan Patrick on “The Dan Patrick Show” Thursday morning to discuss his life since video emerged of Rice knocking out his then-fiance — now wife — in an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City on Feb. 15, 2014.

The video showed Rice, a former second-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, strike his fiance with a vicious punch and then proceed to drag her limp body from the elevator.

Rice explained how he felt “ashamed and embarrassed” when he was out in a public in the aftermath of the video’s release. He and his wife, Janay Rice, leaned on each other for support in order to shake off the depression, while the two felt like it was them “against the world.”

Rice also talked about his three-year-old daughter and how one day he will have to explain the mistake he made and the incident that occurred. The future conversation is “something that I think about day-to-day, everyday of my life,” Rice said. While it’s a thought that haunts him, Rice said his daughter’s presence has been crucial during this period of his life.

“She has been a true blessing for me,” Rice said. “She has that ability to take something that seems so bad for me that turned out to be so good. I get to take my daughter to school. I don’t have to call people to do things for me. I get to physically be there for my daughter.”

Rice’s initial two-game suspension was extended to an indefinite ban during the 2014-2015 season when the shocking elevator video came out. While he remains exiled from the NFL, Rice hasn’t given up on his professional career. His agent remains in contact with teams for a potential second chance.

Rice has seen players with domestic violence issues, like Greg Hardy, receive second chances before him, but he holds out hope that his time will come.

“I do want to play football again and I’m not ready to give up,” Rice said.

Why does Rice want to return to the field so bad?

“For my daughter to see me hang up my cleats the right way,” he said.